Getting a library card



Patrons may apply for a library card by presenting a picture ID, including current address (drivers license, check book, ID plus current bill) and filling out a registration form. If current address is not available, a patron may receive a temporary card with limited privileges until they bring in proof of address. There is no age limit for library cards, and all Cohoes library cards come with full library borrowing and use privileges.

The Cohoes Public Library is part of the Upper Hudson Library system which includes all the public libraries from Albany and Rensselaer counties. Cards from those libraries can be used to borrow materials from here.  Your Cohoes card can be used in those libraries.  Material may be returned to any member library.

One Library card will be issued per person. Please inform the library immediately of any change in address or phone number. If your card is lost or stolen, please notify the library as quickly as possible. Please note the following important points:

* You must present your library card to take out materials.
* You may not use someone else’s card and they may not use yours.
* A fee of $1.00 will be charged to replace a card.
* You are responsible for all materials checked out on your library card.