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We are officially on chick watch now. We are no longer turning eggs, and are leaving the lid closed on the incubator to keep them warm and undisturbed. And not to get everyone too excited yet, one of the eggs is jiggling ever so slightly. Watch this space for news!



Thank you Principal Perry and Rozie!

Thank you Principal Perry and Rozie for reading to us today! Next Tuesday, August 15th at 10:30, we are proud to present Principal Bird as our next reader. We look forward to seeing you here.

**Summer Read Announcement**

Please complete your reading logs and hand them in by Thursday, August 10th to the Library, and please include your child’s name written clearly on their record.

For our next Summer Read program we’re having the Cohoes Department of Public Works come over with some of their cool, big trucks and equipment. Get up close and personal with the machines, and learn about DPW and their role in taking care of the City. DPW will be here on Thursday, August 10th at 11:30am.

Please note that DPW are on duty at all times and may be called away in case of an emergency. This program will be outside and is subject to weather.

Change of Reader for Tomorrow’s Story Time . . .

Principal Perry and Rozie will be reading in place of Principal Bird, tomorrow. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow, August 8th, at the VIP Story Time at 10:30 am.




Chicken Eggs!!

Our eggs are staying warm and happy in the incubator. Another week and we’ll be on “chick watch”!

Call ahead if you’d like to come in and help record data and turn the eggs.



Jim Snack knocks it out of the park. Again. Like he does every year.

It’s just not Summer Read without Jim Snack. Thank you very much for your super show, Jim.


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